UX/UI Design

FitBoard is a fitness dashboard app for all of your fitness needs. Sync your fitness apps with FitBoard and you will be able to track and monitor your heart rate, workouts, nutrition and much more. Video integration and the ability to add and chat with contacts (and compare your fitness levels with each other) sets FitBoard apart.Focus on your fitness goals and become the best you possible with FitBoard.

From a UX/UI standpoint, FitBoard uses a clean design with designated sections for different aspects of the app. Spacing and visual hierarchy was key for ease of use and learnability. The layout itself can be altered by dragging a section elsewhere on the dashboard. While many users might check FitBoard when they wake up and before going to bed to view individual statistics and notes, FitBoard acts as a fitness community where users can become healthier together. Further, small interactions like rows highlighting, glowing rings around contacts and videos playing enhance the overall user experience and is what will continue to grow FitBoard.