UX/UI Design

An ongoing problem that needs to be addressed and solved is that the unemployment rate for recent graduates in Canada and the United States continues to increase each year. After conducting a competitive analysis, several interviews and a survey, I found that most job apps lack features that enhance one's job search and provide poor functionality for the user.

Hyre is a modern job and networking app that assists in getting you hired. Whether you want to switch careers or network with professionals in your city, Hyre helps you achieve your professional and social goals.

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My Role: UX/UI Designer

I was part of this project from the beginning and focused on all UI design, prototyping and some user testing. Two other designers were involved in this project; however, their focus was on user research, some user testing and initial brainstorming/low-fi wireframes and mockups. All visuals and content displayed in this case study is my work.

Solution Overview

The Process

User Flow

The Solution

Hyre's Competitive Advantages

While there are many job search apps on the market, no other job search app has the features and user-focused tools that Hyre incorporates. For example, Hyre disrupts the job search industry by allowing users to go through their daily lives without the stress of job searching via the discovery feature. Further, Hyre includes gamification elements to have users more invested and engaged in their job search and making their profile stand out. Incorporating networking opportunities and events into Hyre is another distinct competitive advantage from all other apps.

Measuring Success