PeopleFinder for Blizzard

Visual + UI/UX Design

Survey data and employee feedback has revealed that Blizzard employees would like to be able to access similar functionality on the PeopleFinder website on the go. My goal was to create a visual design solution to improve the experience of wayfinding on Blizzard campus across multiple devices.

The Problem

My Role: UI Designer (with some UX)

For this project, I was tasked to rethink how people interact and move throughout Blizzard's expansive campus. My focus was on responsive devices (desktop and mobile) and ensuring that users have the same experience in any scenario. A large priority at the start was UX focused (user journey, user needs and goals, identifying current pain points, personas and user tasks). On the UI side, I did several rounds of sketches/brainstorming, designed UI elments, designed all visual elements and created high fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes.

Prototype Video (Desktop)

Prototype Video (Mobile)